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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quicklist - What's OK to eat???

A friend of mine told me that her child is being tested for Celiac... my mind immediatly started racing about what sorts of things I would need to tell her if, heaven forbid, the child was diagnosed.  I have been meaning to do this up for a while anyway, so here is a Quick List that should prove helpful to anyone new to gluten-free.

*** Please note that I live in Canada - please always read the labels ***
Candy & Snacks
M&Ms - plain, peanut, almond, peanut butterM&M pretzels, Smarties
Plain Potato Chips & Hickory SticksLays Stacks Chips and Pringles / any flavoured chip
Zesty DoritosDoritos - all except Zesty
Glutino PretzelsPretzels
Tostitos Organic Tortilla Chips (yellow or blue corn)Tortilla chips
Gluten free cheezies (in the organic section of Superstore) Cheezies
Reece Peanut Butter CupsReeces Pieces
Most Gummies - check packageLicorice
Aero Chocolate bars (not the bubbles candy)most chocolate bars - see list for ok ones
3 Musketeers' Chocolate Barsanything malted
Snickers Chocolate Bars
York Peppermint Patties / PEP
Hershey Kisses (plain & almond)
Hershey chocolate bars / almond
Popcorn (can be done with kernels in a brown paper bag in microwave or air popper)Microwave Popcorn / Theatre Popcorn
TurtlesPot of Gold
After Eights
Life Savers and most hard candy
Trident & Excel GumGum machine gumballs
Cookies & Cakes
PC "Smart Cookies"basically everything except for what's listed left
Glutino Wafer Cookies
Recipes for GF cookies - see my blog
Betty Crocker Gluten Free Cake Mixes (chocolate is best)
Various other GF mixes available in the organic section
Jell-o and Jell-o Light pudding mixes
Condiments, etc.
Dairy ButterSoya Sauce (wheat free ones can be found in organic section of store)
Becel Vegan MargarineAlways check the labels on Salad Dressings to ensure gluten free
Heinz Ketchup (get squeeze bottles wherever possible to avoid cross contamination)Cheez Whiz
French's Prepared Mustard
Hellman's Mayonaise / Miracle Whip
Bicks Relish
VH Plum Sauce
VH Honey Garlic Sauce, Sweet & Sour Sauce
Kraft Peanut Butter
Renee's Caesar Salad Dressing
Kraft Italian, French, Cole Slaw and Thousand Island Dressings
Phillidephia Cream Cheese and Dips
Most spices are GF - check label.  Most often found in spice mixes
Brown Rice PastaPasta
Kraft Dinner Powder (not the noodles, use Brown Rice Elbow noodles)
Egg Salad / Tuna Salad / Salmon Sandwiches on GF BreadPasta and Sauce (Chef Boyardee, Alphagetti)
Buddig Sandwich Meats (Ham, Honey Ham, Chicken)Deli Meats
Maple Leaf or Schneiders "NATURALS / NATURAL SELECT" Hot Dogs of GF Bread/bunHot Dogs, Saussages, Bacon
Campbell's chicken & rice soup, tomato & basil, or Gardennay Harvest Mushroom Soupmost tinned soups
Gluten Free Pancake Mixes are availablemost cereals, breads, bagels, croissants
French toast made with GF Breadpop tarts
Recipe for GF Bagels on my blog
GF Toast
Natural Selections GF Cereals or GF Chex Cereal
Egg Omlettes
Most yogurts and cheeses are GF, always read label
Chilli (Club House Hot & Spicy Seasoning mix is GF but the plain Chilli mix is not GF)frozen hamburger patties (most)
Meat and Vegetables (fresh or frozen - be careful with canned)frozen pizzas
Fishegg rolls, perogies
Most jarred pasta sauces are GF (spagetti, lasagne)frozen lasagnes and other entrées
Recipes for stews, soups and donairs and pizza on my blogmost tinned soup / stews / chilis
Brown Rice PastaPasta

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